e mërkurë, 18 nëntor 2009


Sooo Happy (: i think my birthday was last week? or the week before? I don't know but I GOT AN IPOD TOUCH :D hehehe... yup yup yup (: i LOVE it! Uncle Ricky got me a Taylor Swift CD (platinum edition!!!!!!!!!) and a gift card for iTunes... aunt Corie gave me candy and some dollar coins (: Maggie and I were going to sleep over with each other buuuutttttttt we have been busy with re-enactments these past few weekends (: we went to Ft. Branch,it was so pretty (: We are doing school this week (: We went to a new church.. i liked it... (: Jessica and the kids are coming over after mom vacuums.. i cant wait to see them! Ruben has a new job... hes gone like all day so she was getting bored sitting at the house (: we are going to make Taco Salad for lunch today... YUM. I bought Moondance Alexander.. its a very good movie (: pretty horses (: ha! OH! i had BLUE HAIR!!! haha... i liked it... but its gone now ): haha... well.. im going to go make lunch(: