e enjte, 22 maj 2008


Hi everybody! today we are going to so school, like yesterday :) Maggie is coming at 9:00. Yesterday our Keepers and Contenders club made first aid kits... The girls get one and the boys get one. Our club is going on a camp out this weekend at Mrs. Lora's house (THANK YOU MRS. LORA!!!!!!) and that is part of the reason why we made first aid kits. Us girls have already made our packing list and have gotten our flash lights new batteries, and... Daniel and I have gotten our wallkie talkies new batteries as well :) We are hoping that we Will have my uncle's three bedroom tent, then all of the club could fit, because Josh and Hope do not have their own tent. We have been painting our shop this week, it is nowhere near done, we have a lot of paint spills on the floor, but it was fun! Jessica does not have to work today so we do not have to watch Kaylee, But she might come over and hang out some. Well, Gotta Go.