e enjte, 13 shtator 2007

Trixie Belden Website!


I am very exited!! My mom was looking for some more Trixie Belden books for me and found a Trixie Belden camp.....I am not going, but I may go in a nother year or so :0)

I really like the website! there are...I guess..... a lot of websites on trixie belden, I started reading the books last year and I am reading through them speedily now. I want to read all of them (34) but I am oly on the 12th one :) I will probally read all of them if we can find them. One thing that we have found out is that the orrigonal writer only wrote the first 6, I didn't see a change in them. If you want to look at the website click HERE, you may be interested in the books or you may have never even heard of them. If you like mystries I think you would like them...(..my brother didn't want to read about a girl detective when he could be reading about Danny Dunn or the Hardy Boys.)

I have read a couple of Nancy Drews but when I started to read Trixie Belden I decided that Trix seemed more real, that is why I am stuck to the series...I haven't read a book in three weeks and I am about to go crazy...that was a joke...but my mother is going to order them soon!
I am going to have to go now:0)

e martë, 11 shtator 2007


Well today is one of our friends birthdays! So I am going to wish him a happy birthday! He has just started a new blog yesterday, he is on my sidebar list of blogs! check it out!

A couple of weeks ago I was rewarded a prize from the big basket for reading twenty books, I picked out a set of Nancy drew movies....really fun! Now I will tell you what in the world is a 'big basket'. We have something called a big basket so that when we finish a big task or a lot of books we get to pick from it and we seldom do get to pick from it for it takes a long time to read that many books! We also have a 'Dollar Basket' that is for when we complete one book or a Victory Drill or something smaller. We are now making a 'very small basket' so that when we complete something very very small we get to pick from that. (We are trying to find new names for them and if you have any suggestions we would like to hear them or know them! Please tell them to us if you do!)

I can't wait to watch another Nancy Drew movie! we have only watched two and there are four...we have also checked out a newer one from the library.
I am also starting to read some Frank Peretti's books and I think that I will be really interested in them. I got the Nightmare Academy from the library thinking it was the first book in the Veritas series, and found out that it was the second one :( So, we have requested the first one!

Well that is all for now!
Millie Mae