e premte, 14 mars 2008


well, I was going to post about this last night but the blogger would not let me get to the post section! :(
Well yesterday afternoon I was sewing an over-skirt.....and I got it finished, so then I started to work on my corded petticoat. I needed a zipper presser foot, but I could not find one, so I found something that would work if I moved the needle to the side........ (I can't explain it very well!) so I start sewing and the material isn't going through, so I pulled the material from the back. Then it stopped going, so I am pressing on the pedal and.................

I REPEAT STOP READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it starts going through, but when it goes through it goes THROUGH my finger. Yea. But it is OK now. My dad is babysitting Kaylee today because we are STILL sewing. we are going to leave for my grandmothers about noon I think... or when all of our sewing is done!

e enjte, 13 mars 2008


Well... I got my spacers yesterday! ummm, they didn't hurt for the first hour or so but after that I could hardly bite down. I am going Monday to pick out my color..... and Tuesday to get my applience in.......I ate spegetti last night and it was really good....considering that I did not have to chew it much:) but this moning I ate cearel.... not so great :)
PS!!! like the new pic. ?????????????????????

e martë, 11 mars 2008

This week!

Sunday~ HAND SEW!!!
Monday~ babysit Kaylee and SEW!!
Tuesday~Babysit Kaylee! SEW!
Wednesday~Babysit Kaylee! Spacers! Meet Jessica for lunch! sew??
Thursday~ Babysit Kaylee! History Club ( HUH ) sew??
Friday~ Babysit Kaylee! Go to set up for re-enactment! visit grandparents!
Saturday~ Re-enactment!
Sunday~ Re-enactment!

well.... that is my week!
amelia.......and kaylee