e premte, 9 maj 2008


Alright, it's a tie between Dr. Pepper and Lemonade!! Well, today we are going to do some yard work, it was raining pretty hard this morning, it was thundering and lightning. We are going to do school too, Euri is going to be gone all weekend, working with other exchange students. I don't know what Bradley is doing...... could be sleeping in...

or spending time with John.......
I have been looking through some pics. of Bradley and I wanted to post them.....

e enjte, 8 maj 2008

Last day!!


e martë, 6 maj 2008

Today and Tomorrow

Tomorrow I am going to go to my granny's house and we are going to visit... I want to fix my vintage bathing suit too!! the water is just barely getting warm enough to swim in...We might go to a flower place to look for flowers...Oh!! today Jessica picked out some flowers, she was sooo exited! I think that they were very pretty!! We cleaned out Kaylee's room today AND we cleaned out Ruben and Jessica's room.

Wesley and Bonnet

Normal Wesley
Wow this is amazing!!
Aren't I Pretty??

Yea! Wesley had all of us laughing!!!! it is sooo funny! Last weekend we did a civil war re-enactment, we got there at 9:00 and set up. We demonstrated games and we showed the spectators the books that they would have used in school, Mrs. Lora, Wesley Daniel Hope, and I all went. We ate a period correct lunch, it was very fun!! Hope and I showed how to make rag dolls and all the little girls loved them! I am going to post a slide show that has a lot of different pictures on it! While we were showing a little girl how to make a rag doll she asked, "Have you ever worn clothes like mine?" Hope and I just laughed! Mom wasn't able to go with us because she didn't feel well, but she and Alex came to visit later. After we did the re-enactment, we went to my grandmothers and jumped in the swimming pool. It was FREEZING!!!

That is all for now!!

e hënë, 5 maj 2008


Hi Guys!! I am just checking in and I wanted to tell you all the news!! Kaylee is going to be a sissy!! I am soooo exited. I can't hardly wait!! I am going to be an aunt...again! Kaylee is getting to be so big now... this morning she saw the cats and started whispering "cat kit cat cat cat kit cat" it was sooo cute. I am doing school... I just got done with math and grammar..... I am hoping to watch some movies I borrowed from my grandmother. My favorite movies of all times...GIDGET!! Maggie and I have been outside in the shop cleaning it up almost every time she comes over... and hope has too! I started some Zenias in our new flower boxes dad made for us. I can't wait to see what the look like. We have to watch Kaylee almost every day this week except for tomorrow... but we watch her in the afternoon most days, so our school will most likely be done by time she gets here. And Maggie is coming all day Thursday and all day Friday. We now have a PCA news leader blog... go and check it out sometimes... I am starting it because We wanted to have somewhere where Daniel and Alex could show what they have been doing, and because I have always wanted to start a mini newspaper thing... haha. I am going to try to post all in black and white and so it will look like a real newspaper. So if you want to check it out just look HERE and see what we are up to! Gotta Jo...