e hënë, 17 shtator 2007

and this would be shorty

this is our big guy aregon

Hi my name is shorty!
what are you lookin' at?
look at the cute fellar!
Hi my name is shorty! I don't think you have met me so I will introduce myself, I have one brother and one sister...they are bigger than me because I am the runt of the bunch!
I am not eating very well andI am handicap...(I was over heated and I can't use one leg right now)
I will see you later!

New Bed Spread

A couple of days ago we went shopping for a whole day...(VERY TIREING!) we went to a lot of places and at one of tha last places we went we found two of these beueatiful bed spreads! They are called "Dress Up"
because of the little dresses quilted on them, I think that it is pretty. We are going to paint my walls green and have my accents yallow, I think I will like my new room!

although we have changed all of our plans to pink and grey, I think I am going to like the green and yellow better:D

I am going to be shareing my room with our exchange student, so she is helping pick out some of the things!
My exchange student is in the process of making a blog so when she is finnished I will give it to you....

well that is all for now!