e mërkurë, 14 nëntor 2007

Magda's skates....and I use them:D

OK... these are Magda's skates....but like I said....I use them.

I enjoy skating a lot.

Today we did school, we did a little bit of book work, and then we wrote a letter to a friend who is in Iraq. But it is very hard to explain how we are related.

These are some pictures that I took with my new camera....We are going to get me my own skates.....well we are supposed to. The reason why we have not mailed the skates back to Magda is because it would be over
300 dollars. and we think that she would rather have new skates than to have to pay 300 dollars. We haven't heard from her though.....

well, I have to go give Alex a bath:D