e hënë, 10 nëntor 2008

my birthday...

I wanted to tell you guys all about my birthday... so here it is...
around 11am Hope got dropped off and about thirty minutes later, Maggie got dropped ff :D
Next we went out to eat at my favorite restaurant... BOJANGLES! (the sticker on the sign says 'i'm stickin' with the pig' We have a Piggly Wiggly in our town)
After we ate, we went to go see High School Musical 3, but when we got there it wasn't playing until 4:30 so we went to waist time for two hours. We sent shopping at Claires, Aeropostale, Levis and GAP and ate at the Mexican restaurant. I got a lot of shirts at Aeropostale. At Claires, Hope and I got matching earrings :D At the Mexican restaurant we just got a dessert and a plate of fries so that we would not be hungry at the theater :D
After the movie (which all of us think that it was the best of all three HSM movies) we were in the van, and Maggie Doesn't have her Purse... It had her DS and Her iPod and some money in it ... so we went back in the theater to look for it and it wasn't there so then we went to the Mexican restaurant and we found it there :D she was so relived! After our 'adventure' we dropped Maggie off at her house and went back to our house and ate Taco Salad :D YUMMY!
I think that is about it.. OH! That night we stayed up late and watched Brothers Grim :D