e diel, 27 korrik 2008


This past week we have been doing a lot, so let me just give you a list of things we did every-day.
Monday: We watched Kaylee, It was our last full day w/ Bradley, Granny and Papa came, I went to wal-mart, and ate Lapaz, and a bunch of other stuff.
Tuesday: Went to go see Bradley off to Basic Training :(, ate McDonald's (VERY RARE),
went to the school store, watched Kaylee, and a bunch of other stuff.
Wednesday: Stayed HOME and cleaned... all day long :).
Thursday: Went to go see Hope, went to the thrift store, went to another thrift store, spent the night with hope and watched Raise Your Voice, ate Bojangles.
Friday: went home and then went to Target with Maggie and Aunt Iris.
Saturday: Went to a little girls B-Day party, Hope came over and we watched the Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus Concert in 3-D.
Today: listened to a sermon, played school, Blogging :)

I think that that is pretty much all I did this week, I don't know what we are doing next week...
I will blog later,