e enjte, 9 prill 2009

Our past week

This past week has been very busy, We didn't want our week to be as busy as it has been but it was haha.

Monday we unpacked everything from C.L. and Jessica and the kids came over to see us. Then we went to Ms. Lora's to drop off everything we borrowed. Then to Maggie's house to hang out until dad got home. All of us kids had been wanting to go out in her woods and explore.

Tuesday I had O.W.L. club, and after OWL club We went to Bojangles with Ms. Lora and Wesley, Ms. Melody, Josh & Hope. That night Hope spent the night and we watched the biggest looser.. Hopes favorite show.

Wednesday I had an Orthodontist Appointment so we had to go to that, Then we had to go to Walmart so mom could get some material. We went to MacDonald's For lunch/a snack Before we went home. When We got home I was still hungry so I made some pancakes.. yummy.

Today we are doing school, then we might go over to aunt Iris' for a nature walk and then to play in the woods. Around 4:30 the Mills' and the Williams' are coming over to borrow some of our historical clothes for the movie premiere tonight.

Tomorrow we are going to go see my grandparents and my uncle and aunt... that are coming down from VA, and tomorrow night we are going to an Easter service at church.

I am not sure exactly what we are doing Saturday, But I think that we are going to go see Ms. Judy.

Sunday I am going to go with Ruben and Jessica to Church and to the Easter drama there, and that afternoon I will be with the rest of my family here at home :)

but yep, that's our week :)