e hënë, 30 mars 2009

Meeting Mrs. Barbie,Lady & Tim :)

The above pic is one I edited.. I like it :)

This is a good shot of tim :)
Me on Tim... HAHA!
Maggie on Lady <3
At Bentonville we met a lady who said that she had six horses and a mule and that we could come ride them any time we wanted to, so we decided that we would take her up on her offer... the only thing was that we did not have and of her contact information other than the road she lived on... so we went on a search for her... and we fond her! So then we got her number and said that we would call her to tell her when we could come. The next day she called us and said that whenever the weather was nice we could come over :) So since most of the day Saturday was nice we went then. We met Tim, her Mule, and Lady, One of her very, very gentle horses :) We Helped her Brush them down and wash off their legs.. then she let us all Ride on Tim first ( he was harder to ride than Lady) Then Lady. I think that everybody likes Lady Better.. but it might just be because she is easier to ride :) We stayed at her house for about for hours riding and helping her brush them :) We plan to go back either tomorrow or the next day and brush them down and next week go to ride all day. But when we go next week we are going to go to a place where she has the rest of her horses and ride there because there is more room :) This was my first time riding all by myself and I really liked it... Maggie did too! She came with us and is now even more exited about getting a horse!