e enjte, 15 tetor 2009


All day today we have been cleaning.. Alex, Daniel and I cleaned the upstairs... while mom cleaned the downstairs... and when mom was finished vacuuming, I would mop the floors.. Then Shelby had to go to work so I helped watch Riley until Aunt Iris got home from taking Popa to the Doctor. We just got done cleaning about an hour ago.. Mom and dad are going to go take dads car to get fixed and go out to eat and us Daniel, Alex, Granny and Popa and I are going to eat Bojangles... i think (:

Tomorrow I am not sure what we will be doing.. We were going to do school but now mom has to take Popa to the Doctor so I really don't know what we will do... Saturday is Alex' 8TH BIRTHDAY!!! so I am going to make him a cake... I think that he said that he wanted Chocolate Cake.. Chocolate Icing.. and Chocolate Sprinkles... I like his thinking :D hehe.. Elijah and Ricky will be coming down.. so we will be hanging with them.. and Taylor and Amanda might come over... I donk know about that though either... haha.. soo.. busy weekend? i think yes... (:

e mërkurë, 14 tetor 2009


So.. just about EVERY Tuesday night I go with dad to pick up Daniel and Wesley from Civil Air Patrol... this past Tuesday night i decided that i would get a picture of the coolest sign (well to me anyways)EVER!!! haha.. so here it is...

anywho.. I just thought that this was cool (: