e hënë, 27 tetor 2008

Starting School...

This week we are officially starting school, We had been doing school almost every-day but mom and I were just so busy sewing for re-enactments that I didn't have much time for anything but math and handwriting and a little bit of reading at night. So this week we are going to try to do as much school as possible. I only have one more subject and then I will be done with school for today (other than Reading). This past weekend we went to see the movie 'Journey To The Center Of The Earth' I thought that it was spectacular! I enjoyed every minute of it... I jumped when the big fish came out of the water but other than that... it was good. It was a real intense movie. After the movie we ate at a mexican... so good! Brenna came to the movie with us and since it was so late... when we got home, she spent the night. We stayed up late making videos...they are so crazy. The other day Maggie and I did facials out of a book that I got in the mail and it turned out very good, the recipe is:

1 t. Honey
1/2 t. water
1 1/2 t. cornmeal

Let sit for one minute. Plaster and rub onto face. Let sit for about one minute. Honey is an astringent. Not for sensitive skin.

It works Really well.. and after we did the facial cleaner, we mixed baking soda and peroxide to make a paste... and we brushed our teeth with it.