e enjte, 6 mars 2008


I know, it is a miricle... I am actually blogging!
well today my mom has to go to the library to help with some stuff. She thinks she will be a few hours so my sister-in-law is going to baby-sit us. One of my moms old dolls,Krisy, and Kaylee have benn 'playing' together.

gotta go!

e mërkurë, 5 mars 2008

Hannah Montana Concert and STUFF

Well, last month we went to Aiken SC, To see a Civil War re-enactment. an Saturday we dressed up in our Civil War clothes. It was a long LONG trip. I rode in the back seat with Daniel and Wesley.... that was a tight squeeze. We didn't get to take Alex though because there wasn't enough room for him :( But we did bring him back a lot of cool stuff!! And while we were there we got a lot of new ideas for stuff to make. We are now working on our wordrobe for another re-enactment. we have less than two weeks to get ready for in and there is soooo much to get done!!

I went to the orthodontist... I have to wear two appliences befor I get braces... I have to go get spacers on the 12th, then on the 17th I am getting molds and then on the 18th I am getting in my top applience and I thing the bottom one too... I am not looking forward to spacers though.

Well, last month I went to go see a concert in 3-D, It was the Hannah Montana concert!
I took some pictures in the car....
And I took some pictures at..........
Well that is all for today!

P.S. I had a friend go with me too but she didn't want me to put her pic on the enter-net!