e enjte, 25 shtator 2008

Spending time with Brenna

This past Sunday I went to Jessica's (my sister in-law) dads house to spend time with her sister (Brenna). We hadn't seen each other since I got my ears pierced and had been wanting to get together for a long time. When I got there we just sat around until lunch time and then we went outside to jump on the trampoline, while we were jumping Brenna Decided to take pictures of us jumping... so we set the timer on our camera and ran to the trampoline as fast as we could:)

Here are some of the pictures of us...

After we had jumped for a long time and eaten and tried to get each other wet we (Brenna And I)( decided that we were going to ride dirt bikes... so we did.... for a long time. And Then we went inside until I had to go.... But we had a lot of fun :D

Amelia :D

Last week Mrs. Lora's niece came over to see us Because she is interested in Civil War Re-enacting... and guess what? her name is Amelia:D We let her try on one of my Civil War dresses, and she liked it... so we are making her a dress and underthings so that she can do re-enactments with us:D We took some pictures of her and I in Civil War dresses so I thought that I would post them :)

Don't we look pretty?