e shtunë, 5 prill 2008


I am going to clean up my room before Hope gets here! Oh! Happy Late Birthday Hope!!!! :) I don't know if Kaylee is going to come or not, my dad and my brothers are going to go work on by brothers truck :)

e mërkurë, 2 prill 2008


Yes! I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are you lookin' at??

Today we got a late start on school, but it was a LOT earlier than yesterday! Maggie is in South Carolina, so she is not with us today. But I think that she will be with us tomorrow. I have already done my math, my Science and I am doing my journal. I have also filled out our other type of journal.... ( idk what it is called HAHAHA ) . We ate grits and toast for breakfast... YUMMY! Kaylee just now got here, She is sleeping though. I want to post some random pics.

e hënë, 31 mars 2008


Cute little Kaylee!

Hi guys! How are all of y'all? Last night at 9:00 we watched a movie, or 1/2 of a movie and next Sunday night the other 1/2 is coming on! I am very exited! Imam yesterday we watched the Walton's.... 2 episodes. and they were REALLY good! Maggie spent the night also. Tomorrow I am going to the orthodontist......and it is my dads birthday...... he has a blog.... (but he never does anything on it :) ) ha ha! Also yesterday I started a story... I do not know how long I will keep it up ... but I started one :) and yesterday I re-decorated my doll house! VERY FUN!!!
Today we started school late... but we are on a roll now!! anyways!
Until Tomorrow!