e premte, 31 gusht 2007

my story

OK this is a story that I wrote for school.....I had to write it based on a pic.

One morning a little girl named Jane, who was seven years old, woke up to her dog, up and ready for her to start the day. So they could play together. Jane loved her dog and said, "Up bright and early today aren't you!?"

When her mother came in her room to help her dress, she said "What would you like for breakfast this morning, dear?" and little Jane replied an said "some eggs and a glass of milk please." and her mother said "Very well but you must finish your chore before you eat or play." at that her mother left the room.

Oh, how she dread doing her chores! But she knew that she would have to do them later in the day if she didn't do them now. So, she proceeded with a happy heart. later after she had tidied her room, watered the garden, fed the chickens and gave food and water to the dog she came in to find that a hot plate of eggs and one glass of milk was waiting for her on the table.

After she had ate, she went to play with the dog outside. She played all through the woods and out in her yard and the in an hour or two her mother called her in for a nap. She immediately obeyed and went in for a nap.

She woke up in an hour and, found it was time for lunch. She ate a sandwich,it was very tasty. after lunch she went out to run a few errands for her mother, well, after she had gotten home it was time for supper. Her dad was sitting at the table waiting. they had a big super. With spaghetti and sauce.

At 7:00 it was time to go to bed for little Jane's After her dad had tucked her in the little dog came into the bed with her and Jane said "Tomorrow we will do it all over again"

If you liked reading my story pleas leave a comment! We just went to the library yesterday and found out that there are horseback riding lessons for 25$ per lesson! so I might be taking some! anyways!

e martë, 28 gusht 2007

Well I am ver happy that I have a niece that I can hold and love on and not just make her move around in Jessica's belly. She is a beeautiful baby and was born on the 20th of August.....she is getting prettier every day! well I am going ot have to go now! I am sorry that I can't tell you more but have fun