e enjte, 19 nëntor 2009

Made For Trade

Last night we were playing a game called 'Made For Trade' its a colonial game that involves buying and re-selling/trading items. We (Dad, Mom, Daniel and I) played level three: buyer. We all had to make out a list of five things we wanted to buy, and keep them a secret. So we were playing this game... for the first time, so we had to keep going back and looking at the instructions, it was funny. We played for about an hour or two when we realized that none of us would ever win! because some of us had picket the SAME items, and if you have one of your items you are NOT going to give it up! So we made up our own rules about the items (: I guess you could say that having the same items would make it fun, but the game would just go on and on and on... so yeah (: Instead we roll the die and the person with the highest number gets to pick out of ONE stack of cards first... then the next to highest and so on... I know it sounds really confusing but this way nobody has the same card. So yup! That's about it (:

e mërkurë, 18 nëntor 2009


Sooo Happy (: i think my birthday was last week? or the week before? I don't know but I GOT AN IPOD TOUCH :D hehehe... yup yup yup (: i LOVE it! Uncle Ricky got me a Taylor Swift CD (platinum edition!!!!!!!!!) and a gift card for iTunes... aunt Corie gave me candy and some dollar coins (: Maggie and I were going to sleep over with each other buuuutttttttt we have been busy with re-enactments these past few weekends (: we went to Ft. Branch,it was so pretty (: We are doing school this week (: We went to a new church.. i liked it... (: Jessica and the kids are coming over after mom vacuums.. i cant wait to see them! Ruben has a new job... hes gone like all day so she was getting bored sitting at the house (: we are going to make Taco Salad for lunch today... YUM. I bought Moondance Alexander.. its a very good movie (: pretty horses (: ha! OH! i had BLUE HAIR!!! haha... i liked it... but its gone now ): haha... well.. im going to go make lunch(: