e premte, 15 gusht 2008

Spending time w/ my Cousins

This past week a couple of our cousins from my dad's side came over to visit. While they were here the girls and I made some purses...they were REALLY fun to make. Makayla (the tallest one) did most of hers by herself. They both picked out their own material too. I had started making them little purses but with totally diff. material, I NEVER would have guessed that they would like the bigger ones and such diff. material! This is their little Bro. his name is Caleb, He is sooo cute! While they were here the older kids were making a movie and he kept coming up the stairs during it so we decided that he needed to be in the movie too! I think that Kaylee was a little bit confused though because she is not allowed to go up the stairs :) HAHA!

Today we are watching Kaylee and she is such a handful :) I am watching her right now, she is entertained with a book :) every-body calls her the little French Fry queen because she LOVES them :) I am writing B-rad a letter, I haven't written him but one and everybody else has written him like three or four. I have some big new news, a couple weeks ago I cot my ears pierced. I was soo exited! (thank you dad!)

Well I will Blog later,