e hënë, 7 dhjetor 2009

Posting from the hospital! I am watching white christmas and listenong to demi lobato, taylor swift and miley cyrus...and other teenage girl/boy bands (: popa walked a little bit and then we pushed him in the wheelchair to the bank in the cafiteria. Walking around, watching wizards of waverly place... Haha... Anywho-its been a pretty good day!

e enjte, 19 nëntor 2009

Made For Trade

Last night we were playing a game called 'Made For Trade' its a colonial game that involves buying and re-selling/trading items. We (Dad, Mom, Daniel and I) played level three: buyer. We all had to make out a list of five things we wanted to buy, and keep them a secret. So we were playing this game... for the first time, so we had to keep going back and looking at the instructions, it was funny. We played for about an hour or two when we realized that none of us would ever win! because some of us had picket the SAME items, and if you have one of your items you are NOT going to give it up! So we made up our own rules about the items (: I guess you could say that having the same items would make it fun, but the game would just go on and on and on... so yeah (: Instead we roll the die and the person with the highest number gets to pick out of ONE stack of cards first... then the next to highest and so on... I know it sounds really confusing but this way nobody has the same card. So yup! That's about it (:

e mërkurë, 18 nëntor 2009


Sooo Happy (: i think my birthday was last week? or the week before? I don't know but I GOT AN IPOD TOUCH :D hehehe... yup yup yup (: i LOVE it! Uncle Ricky got me a Taylor Swift CD (platinum edition!!!!!!!!!) and a gift card for iTunes... aunt Corie gave me candy and some dollar coins (: Maggie and I were going to sleep over with each other buuuutttttttt we have been busy with re-enactments these past few weekends (: we went to Ft. Branch,it was so pretty (: We are doing school this week (: We went to a new church.. i liked it... (: Jessica and the kids are coming over after mom vacuums.. i cant wait to see them! Ruben has a new job... hes gone like all day so she was getting bored sitting at the house (: we are going to make Taco Salad for lunch today... YUM. I bought Moondance Alexander.. its a very good movie (: pretty horses (: ha! OH! i had BLUE HAIR!!! haha... i liked it... but its gone now ): haha... well.. im going to go make lunch(:

e mërkurë, 4 nëntor 2009


I'm done with all the sewing that I had to do for ms Jennifer! I made her daughter a dress, 2 pinafores, and a pair of drawers.. I also took out a tuck in one of my dresses and took it in... and now all I HAVE to do is buttons and button-holes in Daniels pants. I might go to church with Ms. Lora today.. Alex and Daniel are watching Alvin and the Chipmunks.. its funny (: well.. just thought that I would post.. I don't know what we are doing tomorrow.. maybe Popa will be a little bit better... Maggie isn't coming to spend the night because Dad, Daniel, Wesley and I are leaving for the re-enactment this weekend early Friday Morning. This will be dad's first overnight event!!! I'm so excited! Mom and Alex will most likely not be coming.. so they can stay here with Granny and Popa... unless Popa is VERY much better.. witch would be nice.. but it probably will not happen :( Ms. Lora and Wesley.. and Daniel went to go stuff out tickings with cotton today.. so they will be nice and soft this weekend (: anywho... I am going to stop talking right now... (:

just a little somethin

i made a while back... thought that i would share (:

e martë, 3 nëntor 2009


So, This week I have been working on making a Dress, 2 Pinafores, and a pair of drawers for a little girl in our re-enacting group. I have finished the Drawers and I am ALMOST done with the dress. I have been working on it while we watch At Worlds End. We are almost done with it right now.. i think.. this is the first time i have ever seen it (: its really good.. i just think that they are dragging the series on and on and on... but like i said, its really good. Pops came here yesterday.. him and Granny are going to be staying with us this week.. we are going to take him to the hospital today around 1:00. I have cleaned up my shop.. its nice.. Hope and I spent some time in there last week. We watched some movies.. ate some junk food.. yup. thats pretty much it (: Welllll... I guess i need to go get started on making the dress.. and pinafores. I Blog later!!!

e hënë, 26 tetor 2009


I have been trying to make people ALLL day! i got it now! hehe!

i got the idea off site.. and i just HAD to make some (: so that's what im doing now.. listening to music and painting little people on Paint.

Bradley is coming tonight! im SOOooooo excited!!! I don't know what time he will get here.. i hope SOON!!! he might stay the night.. then tomorra i dont know what we will do.. we will most likely be sewing.. for a 1920's re-enactment.. only nine days till my BIRTHDAY! he-he! im excited about that too!!! (; anywho! i am going to go make some more people!!!

e enjte, 22 tetor 2009


This morning i am going to go to the doctors with mother and pops. Then when i get home i will do math.. and read. Then sew my 1920's dress for next weekend (: tonight we might be going to a fall fest type thingy with Kirt... we might bring some peoples with us (: I'm just about to go eat breakfast.. hehe. i smell the coffee... yummm. but i guess that would only be yumm if you liked coffee.. i have friends that dont like coffee... why? i dont know... haha!

chucks rock!

e enjte, 15 tetor 2009


All day today we have been cleaning.. Alex, Daniel and I cleaned the upstairs... while mom cleaned the downstairs... and when mom was finished vacuuming, I would mop the floors.. Then Shelby had to go to work so I helped watch Riley until Aunt Iris got home from taking Popa to the Doctor. We just got done cleaning about an hour ago.. Mom and dad are going to go take dads car to get fixed and go out to eat and us Daniel, Alex, Granny and Popa and I are going to eat Bojangles... i think (:

Tomorrow I am not sure what we will be doing.. We were going to do school but now mom has to take Popa to the Doctor so I really don't know what we will do... Saturday is Alex' 8TH BIRTHDAY!!! so I am going to make him a cake... I think that he said that he wanted Chocolate Cake.. Chocolate Icing.. and Chocolate Sprinkles... I like his thinking :D hehe.. Elijah and Ricky will be coming down.. so we will be hanging with them.. and Taylor and Amanda might come over... I donk know about that though either... haha.. soo.. busy weekend? i think yes... (:

e mërkurë, 14 tetor 2009


So.. just about EVERY Tuesday night I go with dad to pick up Daniel and Wesley from Civil Air Patrol... this past Tuesday night i decided that i would get a picture of the coolest sign (well to me anyways)EVER!!! haha.. so here it is...

anywho.. I just thought that this was cool (: