e premte, 21 dhjetor 2007

Are YOU ready for the big christmas season yet? I think that I am last night I went to a christmas party for the youth, at a church, and we played a game called ''Never Have I Ever'' there is 1 person in the middle and every-body else is sitting in a chair. sort of like musicail shairs... there is only a chair for every body exept for the one in the middle.. anyways, I would say,''Never have I ever worn a neck tie in public'' and if you have , you get up and try to find another seat, NOT beside you but you have to get up and and go accross the room to the other chairs. It was REALLY FUN. After that we exchanged gifts, Euri and I brought gag gifts, but it was fun . At the end we all talked about what Christmas was really about, it's not about getting presents, or spending time with friends and family, I mean that stuff is all good and it is nice to be able to get presents but Christmas is about the birth of Christ, the one who died for our sins.
So I hope that you have a good Christmas and still remember what the true meaning is.