e mërkurë, 7 janar 2009

Where Do I Start???

Well... I guess I will Start with Bradley Coming Home!! He came home on the 20th of December and He left on the 3rd of January :( But we were happy to spend time with him while he was here :D We went to eat Mexican... we had Baked Spaghetti (his Favorite meal) and Taco Salad... a family Tradition. He went out with his friends and slept in 'till 12:00 pm... ;D We hope to see him in April or May :D Karter came on the 30th of December... he is soo little.. :D He weighs 8.2 now... he weighed 7.14 when he was born :) we see him almost every day :) Kaylee is getting big too!

We are doing school like everyday now... or trying to :D Ummm... I saw Bedtime Stories... I really liked it... It wasn't as Funny as I thought it would be... but it was still pretty funny :D Well...

I hope to blog soon!! Check out my Picture Blog!!!