e shtunë, 31 maj 2008


This one of me in the sun is my favorite... Dirty ME!

e enjte, 29 maj 2008

Camp Out Day is HERE!

YEA!!! Camp out Day is finally here!! I am so exited! We have company over today, I like them a lot! I like the little girl a lot! Her name is Grace. This morning I woke up at 5:00, but I'm not tied yet. The boys are outside playing airsoft. I already ate lunch. how do you like my new layout??
I like it a lot, I am so ready for Hope to get her Internet again! I miss talking to her! oh well.
I think I am going to go have desert!
PS- I will roast a marshmallow for you!!

e mërkurë, 28 maj 2008


I did it!! I started the Amelia Notebook... no not the book series "Amelia's Notebooks" I started the journal about the REAL Amelia!! ha ha!! I have done some school this morning. We are about to go to the miracle soap store. Then we are coming home for lunch... I am going to pack for the camp out this afternoon. I am exited... we did our shopping yesterday. I am exited about the new Disney movie 'Camp Rock' I like the music the best. I think that it will be a good movie. Hope and Maggie and I are planning on having a sleep over to see the premiere...LOL!! I have a lot of pictures to download. I hope top post them soon! Last weekend we had another exchange student here with us.. his name was Jay.. I think that is how you spell it. I will write soon!!

e martë, 27 maj 2008

Camping Again!!

Yes, We are are going camping... again! So soon, I know! The girls from the keepers club are going to have a camp-out, just girls. We are required to set up our own tent, plan and cook three meals, pack our own things, put away our own things, keep camp 'tidy'....... and I think that is all. We have invited the boys to join us for supper on Thursday night. We are going to meet at Maggie's house at two and start setting up. All of us girls are going to do everything by ourselves except for some of the tent (the hard to reach parts). We are all sooo exited! we can't wait! Have you ever seen the 'Daring Book For Boys'? Well they have a daring book for girls, and when we went to walmart today I found a little handheld one! For only ten dollars! So Hope, Maggie and I all got one. It is a surprise for Maggie and Hope. So I hope that Hope does not read this until after the camp out!!!!!

Have you ever seen the Amelia's Journal books?? like... Amelia Takes Command?? Well today Hope and I checked some out from the library that we hadn't already had, Hope said that she had once tried to do a journal like that but she stopped in the middle of it. So I said that I dared her to try it again, and she said she dared me. So when Mom and Auntie Iris and I went to Wal-Mart together we got some composition notebooks. When we went to the thrift store I found a nail art book, I really like it!

e diel, 25 maj 2008

Camp out!!

This weekend we had a camp out... only we didn't think that we were going to. Let me explain... Mrs. Lora and their church were planning on having one for the past few weeks, We were going to go too. It started raining so we decided that we would not go, then later, around 1:00 it stopped raining. But since the church had already decided not to do the camp out we were not going to either. Well, when we got to Mrs. Lora's house, there were other people who had set up tents... So I asked my dad if he would help us set up the tent and Euri, Jay and Dad came and helped us set it up. Here are some pics, we have not taken down the tent yet, Dad is going to help this afternoon.
This morning while we were getting all of the blankets folded
Hayden decided to do a little exploring!
PS- We did NOT have instructions to put this tent up!!