e martë, 10 qershor 2008


Today is the only day this week that we are going to be able to do school, but this morning we looked on TCM and Judy Garland movies are on all day. So we are going to do school in between the movies... if we can :) I am starting with blogging. Our week is packed... Tomorrow we are either going to Mrs. Melody's house to visit, or we are having a Keepers meeting here. Thursday is Bradley's Graduation, and Friday Euri is leaving and Saturday we are most likely going to sew. That is our week.

Yesterday morning Maggie woke up sick, She did not feel good all day yesterday, but this morning she woke up feeling a little bit better. So please be praying for her!

I am going to try to sew the rest of my panda skirt... If I Finnish it I will post the pictures!

e hënë, 9 qershor 2008

Air Show

Yesterday My Dad, Becca, Bradley, Marek and Euri went to an airshow, my dad wanted me to post the pictures,

e diel, 8 qershor 2008


I found this idea on someone's blog and I found out that she had an etsy shop so I could look at them more, I thought that they were so cut that I had to try to make one, well once I did Alex said that he wanted one, so I made another one. At the end Daniel, Alex, Maggie, Kaylee, Becca, and I all had one. I wanted to do something else with my hands so I made a house for it. I also fixed Daniel a room. Some of them turn out looking like a dog...and some turn out looking like a bunny. I made one to Becca for her Graduation party.