e martë, 6 nëntor 2007

OK!!! So last night we went to the mexicain restruant for my birthday :0) very very yummy!
anayways... It was time to open presents... my mom wrapped it in the news paper funnies :)
and there was a little cartoon on the front... but it isn't funny unless you have the pictures to go with it!
well I opened the wrapping paper and it was a size 2 schers box...I said I liked the Idea of new shoes but I didn't think that they would fit.
well I took of the lid to see what they looked like and found a digital camrea box :) I was and still am soo exited:0) but this is what it looks like. I am going to put one of my favorite pictures for my header :D
well I am going to go watch a movie now

e hënë, 5 nëntor 2007


OK... so you are probably wondering...'what did she do to her hand??' but to tell you the truth it is only supposed to stay on for two weeks. Last year at the International fair they were doing these hand tatoos, but they were doing them with wax stuff ...( IDK what it is called :( ) and after like ten minuites or so... it was done! A girl probably about 14 of 15 free handed this on to my hand! After thirty minuites or so it was dry, then it started to come off just when I rubbed it up against somthing. and that is what the 2,3, and 5th picture is showing.... after the waxy stuff comes off :) I think that it is really pretty. it has soo much detail in it it is almost amaizing!

Today is my 12th birthday... ( that is what the 4th picture is showing.) I really don't feel any older... well that is all for now.

Amelia :D