e mërkurë, 17 tetor 2007


First of all I am sorry that I have not blogged lately!!!!

Well, today is my littlest brother's birthday.... He is going to be six years old! Too old! I have been teasing by saying ''Who said you could be six??'' and he just says, ''ME'' . I am taking piano lessons now ...well again, with a girl at our homeschool group. I really like her! She is really nice. She put me in a inbetween level...some thing are really easy but some things are rather hard. Tonight I think that we are going to go to a Mexican restaurant, it has been our family tradition for a long time. But my dad had to go on a business trip so he cant be with us, so we are going to get my cousin to go with us. Last night we let Alex open one present in front of daddy because of him not being able to be here... I think that tonight we will let him open one or two more presents.

well that will be all for now!

oh yea I changed my header to gumdrops but it is not up there because I didn't want the words in front of my picture<3