e premte, 19 shtator 2008

Watching Hayden

Wednesday I was asked to watch Hayden while Ms. Lora and her mom went antiquing, we were also watching Kaylee that day so the two got to play with each other. While I was watching her I decided to take some pictures of her and Kaylee, they were so cute:) I dressed Kaylee up in her princess outifit and she loved it!

Hayden found a pool diving stick and was putting it in her mouth...haha!

Later Kaylee was trying to kiss Hayden, but every time she tried she would end up 'head-banging' her, so Hayden starting running away from Kaylee and Kaylee didn't understand that Hayden did not want to be kissed and started chasing Her:) Then mom started joking around saying ' The princess is going to get me! AAHHHH'

I thought that it was soooo funny:)

Later I took Hayden outside and pushed her in the stroller, she stayed in the stroller FOREVER!

I really enjoyed watching Hayden:) she is sooo fun! I have created another blog with just pictures on it:) check it out:)