e mërkurë, 4 nëntor 2009


I'm done with all the sewing that I had to do for ms Jennifer! I made her daughter a dress, 2 pinafores, and a pair of drawers.. I also took out a tuck in one of my dresses and took it in... and now all I HAVE to do is buttons and button-holes in Daniels pants. I might go to church with Ms. Lora today.. Alex and Daniel are watching Alvin and the Chipmunks.. its funny (: well.. just thought that I would post.. I don't know what we are doing tomorrow.. maybe Popa will be a little bit better... Maggie isn't coming to spend the night because Dad, Daniel, Wesley and I are leaving for the re-enactment this weekend early Friday Morning. This will be dad's first overnight event!!! I'm so excited! Mom and Alex will most likely not be coming.. so they can stay here with Granny and Popa... unless Popa is VERY much better.. witch would be nice.. but it probably will not happen :( Ms. Lora and Wesley.. and Daniel went to go stuff out tickings with cotton today.. so they will be nice and soft this weekend (: anywho... I am going to stop talking right now... (:

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Hey girlie,
You did a great job on the sewing and the camping trip! I am very proud of you... I know your hard work was paid off with the fun you are having this weekend and the satisfaction of a job well done... plus the little extra money you will make for your sewing! Love you bunches!