e martë, 3 nëntor 2009


So, This week I have been working on making a Dress, 2 Pinafores, and a pair of drawers for a little girl in our re-enacting group. I have finished the Drawers and I am ALMOST done with the dress. I have been working on it while we watch At Worlds End. We are almost done with it right now.. i think.. this is the first time i have ever seen it (: its really good.. i just think that they are dragging the series on and on and on... but like i said, its really good. Pops came here yesterday.. him and Granny are going to be staying with us this week.. we are going to take him to the hospital today around 1:00. I have cleaned up my shop.. its nice.. Hope and I spent some time in there last week. We watched some movies.. ate some junk food.. yup. thats pretty much it (: Welllll... I guess i need to go get started on making the dress.. and pinafores. I Blog later!!!

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