e mërkurë, 23 prill 2008

Moving Out

Well for the past week or so we have been helping Ruben and Jessica move out of their old apartment and into their new home :) I have been going over to their house helping them pack boxes and get dirty clothes in bags for us to wash. Monday I went to help in the kitchen, I washed dishes while Jessica cleaned out the stove... :( and yesterday I helped get Kaylee's room started. We are all going to move over the big furniture on Saturday and Jessica and Ruben are going to stay with us until the bathroom is done. Te house is right behind our neighbors house, we can walk to it. We are doing school today, Maggie is with us.

Euri is having her last soccer game today so "Good luck Euri!"
I will try to post pics soon!!

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Anonim tha...

I know it will be fun to have them so close! We can all move in and take over the town of Princeton!